Trame, Karbony Night and Day

Trame, Karbony Night and Day

«We were inspired by the emotions last summer we experienced after a piece arrived inour home from the Karbony collection. 

For a week we opened our residence to other expressions of Carlo Cappellotto's creative imagination, combining them with the Urban provocations of Angelo Jelmini.

The house came alive with iridescent creatures and our perception has changed due to the lightness that characterizes them and their structure that can be penetrated by the gaze.

Thanks to this lightness and transparency, Karbony products have the advantage of transforming environments whenever a need requires it.

Moved, illuminated, upside down, placed obliquely, they return unique but repeatable shadows and emotions».

Lavinia and Vincenzo Ferrara.

Owners of the building and organizers of the Trame event.

Karbony's exhibition in the liberty style space.

The Liberty style building is in the center of Biella. The Arianna table arrives here at the end of April. The owners of the house chose it. The discovery of Karbony at the Salone del Mobile in Milan was a pleasant surprise for them. So they decide to display the Shadow collection in their building. This is how the Trame event last October 21st was born. One hundred selected guests. Some works displayed inside.The sculptures already present in the large outdoor garden.

And then the Karbony thread that designs those spaces with the Mandala windscreen, the Planetario lamp, the dividers, the Nassa and Mortisia chairs, the Arianna table. In the centre, Carlo Cappellotto, the designer of the collection, told the guests the young history of the Karbony project. All around, his carbon fiber products entered into relation with the other works exhibited in the building. The atmosphere changed at dusk. At that moment Karbony's texture showed their double charm, night and day.