Karbony design collaborations

The thread that designs space, told through the vision, idea, and creativity of the best contemporary designers in the Italian and international landscape



In balance between lightness, innovation and functionality.

“My inspiration for the Karbony collection mainly derives from the fusion of innovation and lightness concepts. I wanted to create elements that embodied simplicity and artifice, leveraging the extraordinary properties of carbon fibers. The lightness and strength of this material inspired me to design products distinguished by their dynamic geometry. My vision for this collection was to transform the physical lightness of carbon fibers into a unique aesthetic and emotional experience, distinctive from a content and lexical point of view.”



The lightness of shapes in the spontaneity of geometries.

“The shapes of the collection I designed for Karbony have a strong evocative power; they are inspired by the lightness and forms of bubbles, spheres sometimes perfect, often elongated, creating natural and spontaneous geometries. The intention was to make this visual effect three-dimensional and solid through design.”



Japanese influences for a scenographic design.

“For Karbony, I designed Jingasa, a parasol inspired in name and form by the traditional Japanese headgear. Jingasa is a disk that can flip on its axis. It filters, protects, and shields from the sun’s rays, both vertically and horizontally.”



Poetry and infinite space, between lights and shadows.

“The Sally table that I designed for Karbony is primarily inspired by modernity: it evokes poetry and infinite space, creating a play of lights and shadows. The minimalism and cleanliness of the lines created by the carbon weave evoke a sense of simplicity, elegance, and order. All these elements create an essential design focused on functionality and the pure form of the table, realizing a harmonious and contemporary space.”



The thread that designs space.

“One day I visited the factory of one of my customer. He worked with composite materials and among these I saw carbon fiber. I found myself with a black thread in my hands and an idea in my head: to transfer this process into design and architecture. For now there are the first products, the Shadow collection, an innovative technology, a team of collaborators and an ongoing project for the indoor and outdoor furniture sector. It is the result of years spent studying the material, experimenting with its technical and creative potential. We came out with the feeling that no one would follow us and with the belief that we would be the first. And so it was.”