The thread that designs space

From the meeting between carbon fiber and design, the Karbony project is born, based on technical and creative values. In the material, the strength and lightness of carbon. In the space, the design of the weave and the projection of the shadow. In the weaving technology, an innovative production system. In the handmade products, Italian craftsmanship for interior and exterior design.


and lightness

Karbony creations stand out for their astonishing lightness and the strength contained in just a few grams of weight. You can lift the Piuma chair with a finger, move the Arianna table comfortably, shift the Arcoteso divider from one space to another without effort. The carbon fiber thread gives Karbony products minimal elasticity at the joints and maximum resistance to stress, with high technical performance: the structures appear empty, but are full of strength and durability.


and shadows

Every Karbony architecture comes to life through the play of lights and shadows. On the floor, on the wall, on the ceiling, against the backdrop, the shadow stretches in projections that decorate both interior and exterior spaces. It reflects the weaves of the thread, extends the trajectories and branches, traces a boundary, delineates the fullness and the voids, redraws the figures, and reassembles the weave. It does not merely play a supporting role but becomes the protagonist, a faithful and light extract of the products’ originality, casting them into the surrounding space with extraordinary visual effects.


and handmade

The revolution of the Karbony project is the hand that governs the measurements, weaves the textures, masters the shapes, and polishes the finishes. Every Karbony product has industrial reproducibility, yet retains its uniqueness through a wholly artisanal creation process, from design to execution, and the work of skilled hands that, after dipping the threads into resin at controlled temperature and humidity, manually weave them around the mold, then leave them to solidify in the oven for several hours. The result is a solid and stable product, astonishing for its lightness, original aesthetics, and creative inspiration, paving the way to the world of art as well.

Weaving Technology

Every thread has a path to follow. It carves a route, follows a pattern, outlines a shape. The weaving of the thread is the visual identity of every Karbony product. Where there’s life, there’s carbon, and where there’s space, there’s also a thread that sketches it. It brings life to spaces meant for living and dwelling with small architectures—also customizable—for the projects of architects and interior designers.


in Italy

It’s 1892 when in Schio, in the province of Vicenza, then the capital of the textile sector in Italy, the entrepreneur Giuseppe Saccardo names the factory built to produce shuttles, tools for wrapping fabric threads, after himself. Today, in Fabbrica Saccardo, Karbony weaves carbon fibers to design and create its products for interior design, showcasing them to the public in its exhibition showroom. It is the thread that continues the technological and artisanal tradition of a territory and a model, Made in Italy, which has always stood out in the world for ingenuity and creativity.



With carbon fiber, we create original projects that reflect the lifestyle, personality, and tastes of our clients. The weaving technology makes Karbony products easy to customize, in both geometric design and color, to bring architects’, designers’, and interior designers’ ideas and projects to life. Each prototype is tested and refined to ensure the highest quality of customization.



The environmental impact is minimal because our technology significantly reduces production waste to just a few centimeters of thread. The lightness of Karbony products ensures lower greenhouse gas emissions and greater safety for people. This reduced weight decreases fuel consumption for transportation, facilitates handling, and simplifies the assembly process. Furthermore, the durability of carbon fiber, requiring minimal or no maintenance for the structure, preserves its quality over time. Like a diamond, every Karbony product is designed to last forever.