Illustrations by Lorenzo De Pretto

Illustrations by Lorenzo De Pretto

My illustrations for Karbony.

“The continuity of a unique mark. It’s the common thread between my art as a draftsman and the thread that shapes Karbony’s space. Along the trace, the tip of my pencil never leaves the paper, just as the carbon fiber thread never breaks to create Karbony products. From the beginning of the thread to the end of the spool, from the first point of the pencil stroke to the last, as in my first illustration. With the essentiality of the mark, the cleanliness of the line, the monochrome of lines and curves in the continuous trace, I will create illustrated boards featuring a character that tells the Karbony story.”

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Since opening his studio in the 1990s, Lorenzo De Pretto has been dedicated to creating characters to tell stories in various graphic projects. In 1993, he created the character Prezzemolo for the Gardaland amusement park, and since 2014, he has been a cartoonist for the Disney Panini Comics’ weekly magazine Topolino. In 2007, Piemme Edizioni entrusted him with the production of illustrations for three volumes of Geronimo Stilton. In 2020, he created a 14-meter-long artistic installation dedicated to the creator of Asterix, which was authorized and supervised by Albert Uderzo himself. Lorenzo De Pretto has directed the animated short film Zodiakville and has created numerous characters, including Bruky for the Banca Popolare Group, Movy for Canevaworld, and Lapino & Tartare (a preschool editorial project).